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Licenses for Day Care Services

An increasing number of single-parent and two-parent working families has turned child daycare into a big business. However, states, counties and cities take the welfare of children seriously. Daycare owners and workers must undergo background investigations and in many cases mandatory training courses. Governments license both home daycares and daycare facilities, making sure that health and safety standards are met.

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Licensing in Lawton, Oklahoma

Lawton is primarily a military town with Fort Sills army base as s major employer and economic driver. However, numerous local small businesses offering goods and services as well as a small insurance sector form a significant part of Lawton's economy. An entrepreneur looking to build a business in Lawton can expect a fair number of business licenses. Lawton business owners often need city, county state and federal business licenses and permits - often totaling more than five business licenses and permits per business.

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