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Licenses for Bistro

Any business that serves food can endanger public health. That’s why restaurants are some of the most regulated businesses out there. Multiple state, county and city environmental health permits are common for restaurants. Those that serve alcohol need even more licensing. Prospective restaurateurs should expect to apply for at least five licenses and permits and in many cases much more.
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Licensing in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Known as much as the hometown of Gerald and Betty Ford as anything else, Grand Rapids is the largest city in Western Michigan. The city's substantial furniture manufacturing industry accounts for a substantial portion of the Grand Rapids economy. However, Grand Rapids also houses healthcare, information technology, automotive, aviation, and consumer goods manufacturing sectors. Grand Rapids has a moderate amount of business licenses and permits. While the city certainly regulates key businesses that pose public health risks and potential adverse harm to the community, Grand Rapids aims to be business friendly. Entrepreneurs can expect to need one, if not several business licenses from Michigan.
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