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Licenses for Auto Mechanic

As the name suggests, auto repair businesses fix cars, trucks and other motorized vehicles. Although a few states such as Texas, have no special licensing requirements to work on cars, most states and some cities and counties require auto mechanics and their businesses to be duly licensed. In California, an auto mechanic may need a professional license, state license to run a repair shop, county auto repair permit, county HAZMAT permits and a city business license. Regulations vary from state to state.

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Licensing in Clearwater, Florida

Clearwater has a long history of military use -- from forts used in early Indian Wars to Civil War garrisons to World War II training camps. However, somehow the dust settled for Clearwater and when it did, people noticed its beautiful, white sand beaches. Today, Clearwater is a suburban, retirement and tourist community within range of Saint Petersburg and Tampa. As in all Florida cities, Clearwater entrepreneurs need business licenses and permits from three levels of government -- city, county and state. While Clearwater itself maintains only a couple of simple business licenses and permits, Pinellas County and Florida require many more. Accordingly, a business owner can easily find herself needing up to ten business licenses and permits to operate legally.

Businesses in Clearwater

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