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Licenses for Motorcycle Repair

As the name suggests, auto repair businesses fix cars, trucks and other motorized vehicles. Although a few states such as Texas, have no special licensing requirements to work on cars, most states and some cities and counties require auto mechanics and their businesses to be duly licensed. In California, an auto mechanic may need a professional license, state license to run a repair shop, county auto repair permit, county HAZMAT permits and a city business license. Regulations vary from state to state.
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Licensing in Washington DC, District of Columbia

Our Nation’s Capitol is also a city that functions in much the same way as a state. The District of Columbia’s unique form and structure mean that one small government is responsible for a lot of regulation. Accordingly, Washington DC requires all businesses have licenses – but in many cases doesn’t require too many specialized permits or complex application processes. Washington DC is even trying to streamline the licensing process by moving applications online. Because government is at the center of its economy, the District of Columbia's largest industries are different than many cities. The district is driven by services businesses such as law firms, independent contractors (both defense and civilian), non-profit organizations, lobbying firms, trade unions, industry trade groups, and professional associations.
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