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Licenses for IT Consultant

It consultants help their clients with informations systems, network architecture, hardware, software and a number of other technology-related issues. Even a consulting firm of one is a business. Many consultants operate out of their homes and make the mistake of assuming they can run their businesses license-free. However, most cities and states require business tax registration and licensing for all businesses, of all sizes – and some require Home Occupation Permits for home-based businesses.

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Licensing in Oakland, California

Oakland is the largest city in the East Bay and accordingly, has a number of rules and regulations to keep its sizable community safe and clean. Bars, nightclubs and other establishments that can impact local residents require city permits. Additionally, Alameda County regulates health, safety and waste disposal. Luckily, both the county and city keep fees and costs affordable to encourage business development and prevent an undue financial burden for the business community. Major companies in Oakland include Matson, Kaiser Permanente, Clorox, Dreyer's, Cost Plus World Markets, and Pandora. Additionally, Oakland's port remains vital to the city's economy and many businesses in the area are linked to shipping and maritime activities.

Businesses in Oakland

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