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Licenses for Legal Practice

Even lawyers have to make sure their practices are legal. Although a few states and cities allow attorneys to establish practices by virtue of their professional licenses, most require law firms to obtain special licenses. Further, many cities levy special taxes on professional businesses – often using local business licensing as the vehicle for calculating and obtaining revenues.
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Licensing in Culver City, California

Culver City may be small, but it has a long history as a hub of the entertainment business. Accordingly, it’s a very busy, happening small town with a multitude of small businesses. Culver City does not heavily regulate its businesses, although it levies a tax on all entities within its jurisdiction. A number of county licenses apply to Culver City as well as all state licenses. Despite Culver City's petite five square miles, the tiny city adjacent to West Los Angeles is home to Sony Pictures Entertainment and Sizzler restaurants. Culver City also has a robust retail sector with numerous small, independent shops.
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