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  • Wyoming Food Truck Licenses and Permits

    It's a state many American have not and will never see. Half of Wyoming's land mass is owned by the federal government, while the other half is home to many cattle, horses and other livestock. In small portions, people also live. Among those, many are engaged in agriculture and mining businesses. And the remainder enjoy no corporate or income tax thanks to Wyoming's business-friendly attitude. Wyoming also helps by keeping its business license and permit information easily accessible and clearly labeled. Entrepreneurs will find that what business licenses and permits they need are easy to understand and obtain.

    In Wyoming, food trucks are sweeping the nation. As trucks have changed from standard pre-prepared hamburgers, sandwiches and tacos to gourmet and specialty foods, people around the country have jumped on the food truck bandwagon. However, these popular, low-overhead businesses have no shortage of licensing and permitting required. Often numerous state, county and city licenses are needed including several environmental health permits.

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